Drew Barrymore cultivated a line of makeup that is honestly so pretty. Being a cruelty free line, she’s got everything from glosses, lipsticks and liners to eyeshadow palettes to various foundations and base products. Her packaging is stunning, just look at it! Thats a rose gold Flower logo inlay contrasting with the black makes it look super chic. Barrymore also has a line of brushes that I have not had the pleasure to try yet, but are on my list. In the picture below, Im featuring her Flower Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer LR2 in Give a Peach a Chance. Thats a hella long name for a lip product! I’m finding it hard to decide what to call this product, its not quite a gloss, nor a lipstick. I suppose lacquer is an apt label for it as it is not as sticky as a gloss but is highly pigmented like a lipstick. This shade is prettiest peach. It is a color that would suit most skin tones very well. I have a few other of her products and will be up for further review but the best part is her products are so affordable. The LR2 is only $9.00! You can find the complete line at most Walmart stores or online at https://www.flowerbeauty.com 




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