Sunday January 7th 2018, was a wonderfully fun day spent at Mueller Lake Park, Austin. My husband Daunish and I went to the Texas Farmers Market where we are almost regulars. I love farmers markets, there’s a lovely one in Edmonton, Alberta, called the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market where I used to go often. This was a sheltered market as the weather in Edmonton is a bit more unpredictable than here in Austin. You can expect all kinds of weather all within the same day, sleet, snow, rain, sunshine. You name it, it’s happened!

The Texas Farmers Market at Mueller is a long stretch of tented stalls selling a wide range of items from freshly baked breads, fresh farm produce, meats, and eggs, to organic lavender creams and homemade soaps. My favorite stands are the produce ones, where I gain inspiration for healthy meals to cook for the week. This time I came home with fresh turnip, beets, and heirloom carrots. I’m planning on making my grandmas recipe for a delicious East Indian dish of shaljam ghosht, meaning Turnips and beef, as well as using the beets and carrots in side salads for the week.

After the market we had a delicious brunch at Halcyon where Daunish had the Big “D” Benedict and I enjoyed the Veggie Monster egg skillet. Halcyon is a really fun place to have a meal or just grab a coffee. They have started to come out with small pastries such as mini banana breads and assorted muffins. They have a vibrant self seating system where you can sit at one of their shared spaces or at a table in the back. I used their space when I was studying for the NCLEX. I require a lot of natural light to keep me awake and alert, and of course the constant smell of coffee helps! This, Halcyon is a go-to location for me and now Daunish too!



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