You saw my Instagram, you saw that I purchased a few things from Knix. Right?

I have been watching this brand of undergarments for some time and really like their philosophy and idea behind the brand. I especially liked that Zehra Alibhai became an affiliate and had a promo code of 30% off. I used it to make my purchase which was definitely worth it. So I purchased the the 8-in-1 Evolution Bra and the Padded 8-in-1 Evolution Bra. I used their sizing ‘algorithm’ and eagerly awaited my order. I even added the Athletic bikini underwear and the Thigh Saver Shorts and can’t wait to try out the Don’t Sweat it T-shirt under my scrubs when I start work soon.

So here is what I experienced: the underwear stands true to everything they claim, perfectly seamless, really smooth. I love wearing them under desi clothes as well as maxi skirts and dresses as often that jersey material doesn’t hide anything. It is not a curry girls’ favorite fabric. Now for the bras, also seamless and the straps are nice and wider which helps with support and is often key to a good bra. However, the band really cuts in around your ribs, and I had a lot of spillage, for lack of a better word. If you’re a curvy girl, have some extra love up above you need a solid bra to contain all you got. I wore a t-shirt on top and you could see the there was extra rolling going on above my armpits as well as in the back.

I really was disappointed as I feel if there was boutique nearby I could go in for a proper bra fitting and would be had better success with this product. The padded bra I find useful to ensure nothing shows, especially under desi clothing and scrubs. Unfortunately, it also reacted the same way to my body type. I looked at the website and tried to see a model close to my body type and see if she had the same problems, and couldn’t find quite that girl. Needless to say, I am returning these two items. It was really easy to do so. Just sent an email and received an attachment including a proper waybill that all I had to do was unbox the bras and put them in another shipping box and tape the waybill to it and send it via regular post, free of cost.

Once they receive it they will reimburse me. They also offered to give me feedback regarding fitting and such, but I was kinda over it at this point. Still on the hunt for the perfect foundation garment. Really miss my go-to boutique in the YEG. Dawn’s Bra-tique is amazing. She belongs to a generation of a long standing women-run business reaching as far back as the original settlers. Although her price point is higher, I really find it worth it. As it decreases the strain on my back as well as makes my body look they way I like it to. Own what your mama gave ya!

If you tried KnixWear, let me know how you faired!

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