Pretty potluck look: So I’m part of this potluck group here in Austin, the lovely Farheen added me to a group of distinguished and discerning women who have families and have wholeheartedly welcomed me into their group. I attended my dear friend Juvairia’s potluck this past saturday of a Mediterranean theme. I brought the falafel and fatoush (my fave Mediterranean salad) that we ordered from Arpeggio Grill because I did not have enough time to prepare these items myself. I really enjoyed Arpeggio’s food when I first came to Austin. It’s a nice place to find authentic Mediterranean and halal food. But lately, it hasn’t been the best. The falafel were too dry, and the sale was already dressed with the pita chips which made them soggy when we actually ate. I had hoped they wouldn’t kept them on the side like Peace Bakery does. Hindsight and all that, I guess.

It was a fun night, where awe caught up with what’s new in each others lives. Kids birthdays coming up, new babies on the way and therefore, gender reveal party coming up. Wonderful gardening stories shared and my eagerness to get out in my own garden portrayed. It’s like old friends of numerous years catching up on the daily. There is some truth to this new notion of Squad goals, or love. A sisterhood truly is invaluable and only after I moved away from my network of sisters in Edmonton, AB did I truly feel what this means for any female, of any age, anywhere in this world. It is truly invaluable.

I digress, the picture of me below is the look I created with the product image above. It’s hard to see the eyeshadow, but I put just the lightest touch the iridescent purple shadow of Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy palette in the center of my eyelid’s lower half, and along the lower rim. Wanted a hint of glam, but more a muted polished look. I found that the RCMA colorless powder did not sit nicely on the FlowerBeauty skincognito foundation. Even after blending over again with a damp Mikasa Beauty makeup blender sponge, it did not set nicely, it looked too textured and not smooth, like it usually does without finishing powder. I plan on trying it out with other foundations, to see if its an ingredient thing or a technique thing. By the by, the Skincognito foundation sticks by FLowerBeauty are on sale for $7.70 on their website! Finally, I can’t figure out the Stellar Lighting Systems Go Diva Selfie Ring Light and so¬† I have purchase a new lighting system necessary for proper photos. Stay tuned!

In the end the look was still what I wanted, a clean hint of glam, my own lashes, not falsies look. What do you think?



Today my husband took me fishing. This is our second fishing adventure. The first time I ever went fishing was with him on our anniversary in Banff, in my home province of Alberta. That was quite the adventure, we were up in the Rocky Mountains fishing in a National park and we didn’t catch anything. Today we went to Marble Falls just outside Austin, Texas and didn’t catch anything. But it was so much fun. We got our gear ready and stopped at the local Riverside Grille for some local eats. I had the catfish and enjoyed the sides of fries and mash more than the entree itself. But still a cool location in that the original structure was a textile mill making surgical gauze and other cotton goods.

We got some live bait from the local Thomas Bait shoppe and set out for a good spot. The funniest part of fishing I find is the casting and reeling. I couldn’t stand the site of the worms so I didn’t use the live bait. My husband got me a crappie magic tackle piece. Apparently there’s a fish called crappie out there! I thought that was hilarious!

So my crappie fish and I set out to catch some non-crapy fish but after three hours we were not successful.

On the plus side, I got my workout in! I set my fishing rod down while waiting for the fish and completed day three of @zalibhai 6 week challenge. I didn’t have weights with me so i improvised with some stones and did the best I could! It was awesome. The cold wind made my heart rate rise more and kind of doubled he workout!

Overall, it was a fun adventure and a nice way to spend Valentines weekend.


Sunday January 7th 2018, was a wonderfully fun day spent at Mueller Lake Park, Austin. My husband Daunish and I went to the Texas Farmers Market where we are almost regulars. I love farmers markets, there’s a lovely one in Edmonton, Alberta, called the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market where I used to go often. This was a sheltered market as the weather in Edmonton is a bit more unpredictable than here in Austin. You can expect all kinds of weather all within the same day, sleet, snow, rain, sunshine. You name it, it’s happened!

The Texas Farmers Market at Mueller is a long stretch of tented stalls selling a wide range of items from freshly baked breads, fresh farm produce, meats, and eggs, to organic lavender creams and homemade soaps. My favorite stands are the produce ones, where I gain inspiration for healthy meals to cook for the week. This time I came home with fresh turnip, beets, and heirloom carrots. I’m planning on making my grandmas recipe for a delicious East Indian dish of shaljam ghosht, meaning Turnips and beef, as well as using the beets and carrots in side salads for the week.

After the market we had a delicious brunch at Halcyon where Daunish had the Big “D” Benedict and I enjoyed the Veggie Monster egg skillet. Halcyon is a really fun place to have a meal or just grab a coffee. They have started to come out with small pastries such as mini banana breads and assorted muffins. They have a vibrant self seating system where you can sit at one of their shared spaces or at a table in the back. I used their space when I was studying for the NCLEX. I require a lot of natural light to keep me awake and alert, and of course the constant smell of coffee helps! This, Halcyon is a go-to location for me and now Daunish too!