On November 27th, I had the honor of creating and executing wedding makeup looks for three very unique and wonderful women. The mother, sister and sister-in law of the groom!

Prior to the day, I had a brief makeup consultation with the vivacious Maryam who told me she wanted a soft dramatic eye with light green and gold tones as her East Indian gown had these colors in it. I told her to send me photos of her clothing since they were her inspiration and this is often the ‘tradition,’ for lack of a better word, that most ladies like to have a makeup look that matches their clothing for East Indian or desi weddings.

Upon receiving her pictures, I could see that what we spoke about during the consultation without the clothes, was not quite what would work with the pictures Maryam sent to me. Furthermore, on the day of, I got to see their beautiful gowns in person and the photos did not do them justice at all. In fact Maryam’s dress wasn’t green at all. It was this pretty sky blue color with pretty pearls and white gold embroidery throughout it. It was the same color as Elsa’s dress from the movie Frozen.

These three ladies came prepared. Maryam has a working knowledge of makeup and clear talent as she showed Sadi and I (the beauty I’ve partnered up with and it is at her salon, Sadi’s Beauty Works, where I host consultations) pictures of the mendhi event (Henna party) where Maryam had done her own and her mothers makeup. Both looked stunning and beautiful and her talent was evident.

Once I got to see the dress, I had a general idea of what I wanted to create for this beauty. But to be perfectly honest, the final cut was no where clear in my mind. Meaning I honestly had no idea how this was gonna turn out. I had prepared my makeup kit the night before thinking that her dress was the olive green and gold that it looked like in the photos. All three of them had similar color profiles in the gowns according to the pictures. So¬† when I did indeed see everything, I was momentarily at a loss. Then I remembered I packed the beautiful @fentybeauty Galaxy palette that brings the necessary effervescent drama that Maryam was going for. So I made quick work of creating a clear palette where I did not color correct Maryam’s eye lids as I found although she has pigmentation there, it was already uniform and in a shade that matched her skin tone and would allow for any eyeshadow colors to show up true in tone.

I go to work with @anastasiabeverleyhills Prism palette which is another versatile palette that all makeup artist must have in their kit. These incredibly smooth matte, shift, and glittery eyeshadows work so well with he Fenty beauty palette! I started building a base with Anastasia and then topped everything off with Fenty and the finished it all off with @hudabeauty liquid lipstick and highlighter and away Samina went.

Being new to this industry and self-taught, I never thought I would experience what it is like to subtly transform someone. Samina changed from inner diva as is her personality to crystalline princess in 1.5hrs. Yes it took 1.5 hours to complete her look, from eyes, to color correction, foundation and contouring, cheek color and eyeliner with lash application to liquid lip finish. Not an easy task for a newbie to do in an under an hour. It also didn’t help that I instantly connected with this girl and we couldn’t stop talking, and therefore ‘fixing’ whenever we got too animated.

It was honestly the best experience so far, that I’ve had and I am so grateful for the opportunity! You can check out the makeup looks in my portfolio slideshow in the sidebar. They’re the three that are all dressed up like East Indian Princesses.