I picked up a couple new items from Walmart the other day, looking for some inspiration and the new highlighter palette by FlowerBeauty. I obviously did not get the palette because this Walmart didn’t have it yet. I was pretty disappointed, but I found a few other items I had my eye on. the Ardell Magnetic Accents lashes and opted for this beautiful HardCandy highlighter palette. I stumbled upon the L’oreal Crushed Foil metallic eyeshadow in Diamond dust. Honestly this shadow is so pretty, it has an iridescent green tint as well as a kind of Burgundy undertone. It’s a crystal kind of finish and its just stunning. A little goes a long way! The magnetics lashes are amazing, they required a bit of fidgeting about in that I had to use a tweezer to get them to stay in place. You have to first put the top lashes to rest on your now lashes and then let the bottom ones join on via the magnets. They stay nice and tight and do not move, which is great once you have them the right place, but until then, its a bit annoying. It’s worth it for me though because then I do not have to deal with eyelash glue, which I don’t mind, but it does save time not having to deal with it. Definitely give them lashes a go! The picture below is an image of the look I created and on my YouTube channel you will find a close up clip of the look. Tutorial coming soon.



About face foundation by Flower Beauty is a different kind of addition to my makeup treasure trove. I’m conflicted, as I am surprised by how the shade I chose seem to dry lighter, meaning it aerated or oxidized to a shade too light for my skin. however, how wonderful it feels going on and the fact that it stays all day due to the built in primer are reasons for me to recommend this foundation. I feel like those benefits outweigh the shade in that it is easy for you to go in store, be that at Walmart or Ulta beauty to color match. I ordered this online based on a picture and thus, mistake were made.

Definitely give it a try considering it’s on sale now for only $9.80 USD, it is a decent product and fortified with all kinds of good treats for the skin such as vitamin C and E as well as anti-oxidant and anti-aging qualities. It comes in a pretty package in that it’s a glass jar with a removable cover and a nice pump that gives just a little at a time. It has the signature faux rose gold leaf logo on it that makes the packaging so elegant. Which is perfect because a little goes a long way. It is, after all, a full coverage foundation.

Check out my Instagram for a mini video on a finished look I did using this product.




Drew Barrymore cultivated a line of makeup that is honestly so pretty. Being a cruelty free line, she’s got everything from glosses, lipsticks and liners to eyeshadow palettes to various foundations and base products. Her packaging is stunning, just look at it! Thats a rose gold Flower logo inlay contrasting with the black makes it look super chic. Barrymore also has a line of brushes that I have not had the pleasure to try yet, but are on my list. In the picture below, Im featuring her Flower Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer LR2 in Give a Peach a Chance. Thats a hella long name for a lip product! I’m finding it hard to decide what to call this product, its not quite a gloss, nor a lipstick. I suppose lacquer is an apt label for it as it is not as sticky as a gloss but is highly pigmented like a lipstick. This shade is prettiest peach. It is a color that would suit most skin tones very well. I have a few other of her products and will be up for further review but the best part is her products are so affordable. The LR2 is only $9.00! You can find the complete line at most Walmart stores or online at https://www.flowerbeauty.com