There’s nothing the effect of the constant reminder of the various mainstream products advertisements of their products. But when you go into a store like Target and decide to stop in the beauty isles, because you know, you just can not help it. You find there’s a decently competent sales person working there who see’s that you’ve walked around a product a few times, clearly debating which color to buy and she says, ” so I see you’re debating something here, can I give an opinion? This product I was debating was the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Color. I couldn’t choose between the rich plum shade in Believer or the nice peachy nude in Dreamer.

She began telling me about her journey with this product and how she’s a smoker and often found that any lipstick would eventually need touching throughout the day. But this particular lip color stayed on, lasted the whole day, regardless of how many cigs she had, or if she ate or drank anything, she did not need to re-touch it! I asked her if the product came off easily and she quickly said oh ya, the makeup wipes work best. She then went on to explain that the more dramatic shades were her go-to colors and that she had been hunting for a nice plum. She opted for the darker plum in this new Maybelline line called Escapist and loved it.

I was clearly intrigued asked a million questions ranging from length of time to dry to if it required a lip liner and so  on. Finally, I also opted for a richer tone and was super excited to go home and try it. She then returned with more wonderful info, that the Target app saves you money daily. Basically, if you are looking of r a particular product, check the app in case its part of the daily sale and that today these Lip Colors were on sale for 20% off and they are already fairly low priced at Target as it is!

Below is a picture of my trying it out for the first time. I was on my way to the Montessori  where I work and loved that it didn’t actually take as much time to put on. I find it really difficult to apply lip color within the lines as I have really strange skin around my lips. But the applicator in this precast really helped me out and as long as you remove anything that got outside the lines before it dries then your golden! It lasted the whole day, did not come off. truly does feel like you’ve applied ink on your lips. Only weird thing I notices is that when I did drink something like coffee, the color started to peel apart in bits on the inside part of my lips. It was almost like you were eating tiny bits of the product. Not the best experience there, but honestly minor for a busy day where you don’t have time to be concerned with your makeup.

Definitely go give this product a try, at $7.19 at Target, you really can not go wrong! They have a range of 20 colors and although in store there were only 9 on display and even less available due to the sale, keep your eye out. They will have them in stock soon enough! Leave a comment below if you’ve tried this product and what you felt!




Drew Barrymore cultivated a line of makeup that is honestly so pretty. Being a cruelty free line, she’s got everything from glosses, lipsticks and liners to eyeshadow palettes to various foundations and base products. Her packaging is stunning, just look at it! Thats a rose gold Flower logo inlay contrasting with the black makes it look super chic. Barrymore also has a line of brushes that I have not had the pleasure to try yet, but are on my list. In the picture below, Im featuring her Flower Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer LR2 in Give a Peach a Chance. Thats a hella long name for a lip product! I’m finding it hard to decide what to call this product, its not quite a gloss, nor a lipstick. I suppose lacquer is an apt label for it as it is not as sticky as a gloss but is highly pigmented like a lipstick. This shade is prettiest peach. It is a color that would suit most skin tones very well. I have a few other of her products and will be up for further review but the best part is her products are so affordable. The LR2 is only $9.00! You can find the complete line at most Walmart stores or online at https://www.flowerbeauty.com